Welcome to Auswildlife – wildlife images from Australian-based wildlife photographer Bruce Thomson.

On this site, you will find some of his highest quality wildlife and scenery photography which is showcased in a number of galleries and also available for purchase as fine art photographic prints.

Images are also available for download as high quality digital files for publication. These stock images are maintained by ScienceSource in the USA and can be accessed via a link in this website.

At this time, the prints gallery is still under development.

Bruce’s images have been used in numerous displays and publications, including zoo signage and information boards, magazines and books, including scientific reference books on biology and wildlife, and in National Park publications and Park interpretive signage.

He has also produced a number of his own publications on wildlife and has collaborated with various authors to illustrate wildlife books and field guides.

He uses innovative photographic techniques including camera traps that use high quality DSLR cameras and also uses in-flight systems to photograph bats, birds and insects in their natural environment.

Some of these systems are described in the blog pages.

Spend some time and have a look around!