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The wildlife stock images in these stock photo libraries have been selected from a far greater range of photos and only representative images are featured from any particular photo shoot. If you want to see additional images, please email me, however please be aware that if I am away on a field trip will not be able to access my main offline stock photo library. I should however, be contactable by email at most times.

At present, there are approximately 5,000 images in these galleries and more photographs are being added each month.

You may notice an abundance of bat photos in the galleries, particularly the Australian Gallery, and this is because I am a bat researcher. I did my PhD on the social behaviour of a small microbat called the Chocolate Wattled Bat in Queensland, Australia. In the next two years I will be adding many more bats! In fact, I might create a separate gallery.

Please enjoy your journey through the galleries and use the search facility if you want to find a specific species. Searching by common or scientific name, or by location should help you find what you are looking for.