What are 'wildlife stock images'? Essentially, they are images of wildlife and natural history, intended for a wide variety of wildlife publications, from books to apps, to signage in zoos or national park interpretive displays. My images have been used in all of these many and varied ways. I have even had images featured on postage stamps.

To commission a photographer to go and take images for these types of uses would be very expensive. So the alternative is to source images that are already available.

Because I am often away, I have created an automated download facility so that images can be accessed at any time. If you wish to purchase 5 or more photos, please contact me and I can give you a discount from the standard price that you see displayed on the image page.

Before the checkout you will be asked to agree to the Auswildlife 'Terms and Conditions'. If you want to read these before you get to the checkout, here they are.

In the meantime, below are just a few of the publications that have featured my images over the past few years.

Mammals of Australia I
Australian Bats 2008
ANZANG !0 years anniversary
Where Song Began
Wildlife Australia Abandoned Mines
Australian Wildlife Magazine
Walker's Bats of the World
Mammals of Australia
Bats of the NT
Wildlife Australia Magazine
Wildlife Australia Magazine
Wildlife Australia Magazine